At inspomail we love to share good vibes

Inspiration surrounds us everyday. Sometimes we don't take a moment to see it. At Inspomail we strive to create these moments and inspire people to see them.

Founded on the idea to share good vibes, we encourage our customers to pay it forward and brighten up someones day by sending them a little inspomail! Our prints also make for an inspiring addition to your own home decor.  

Meet Megan Aronson, Chief Inspirational Officer

Hi Everyone! I am the founder and inspiration seeker behind Inspomail. If you asked my friends and family about me they would probably say that I am a happy and positive person that is always looking for the best in things. In 2017 I decided stress was no longer something I was going to accept as a given in my everyday life, I left the corporate world and never looked back. Now, given the opportunity to marry my  graphic design skills and passion for business, I have found my true love.

Why Inspomail?

A couple years ago was a really exciting time of my life to check my mailbox. I was getting married and in the months leading up to the wedding I would come home to cards, gifts and well wishes almost every day. I loved the feeling of coming home to good vibes from my friends and family. After the wedding was over the mail dwindled and I quickly realized there was something missing … and so the idea for Inspomail was born! 

What inspires you?

Everything this wonderful life brings! Is that cliché? I think to sum it up in one word, opposites are what inspire me. I am inspired by nature but love my urban city, I value a good routine but embrace change and I love all seasons and everything they bring. I am inspired by healthy living - cooking, yoga, meditation, sleeping and adventuring. Life at home base with my supportive husband and sweet dogs, Tibby and Sophie, is my grounding inspiration. The one thing that has really been a constant for me since childhood is creativity - art, design, typography and words. These elements come together to create some of the greatest inspirations of all.

Where are you located?

We are a Canadian company located in Toronto.

Follow along on my adventures and inspirations @madame.aronson