Website design Questionnaire

Help us get to know you and your project! Please take some time to fill out the questions below.

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Do you have an ideal date to launch your website? Are there outside considerations that might affect the timeline (ex. a product launch or studio opening)?
To accompany the design of your website do you require any of the following?
Tell us about your business and mission. Are you starting fresh or already established? What do you do, what products you sell, what services do you offer, or what do you create?
Who is your target audience? An individual consumer or other businesses? Are they local or global? Are they budget savvy or high end? What is the demographic?
Social Media
What social media accounts are you active on? Actively posting and engaging with followers on social media can be a great way to promote your business and connect with people to encourage traffic to your website.
What is your social media handle? List any other platforms you are active on.
Who are your biggest competitors? What unique characteristics does your company have to sets you apart from your competitors?
Visitor Focal Point
When visiting your website what do you want your visitor to do before leaving:
Are there any websites you love? Paste links here for inspiration. Or email screenshots of your inspirations to
What design elements do you have or will be able to provide?
There are a number of elements that come together to create a captivating website. Check off all elements you are able to provide:
How many people will need administrative access to your website? (Is it just you? Or other employees and/or business partners?)